Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today is the Birthday of Kensly Fipps

Kensly Fipps was born at 2:22 AM this morning, weighing in at 7lbs 14 ozs and 22 inches long. She and mom are doing great.

She is the newest addition to our family.

She was delivered by her MiMi, Linda Weaver LM CPM at the Labors of Love Birth Center 850 Floyd Rd. Ext Spartanburg SC.

MiMi is giving her a shampoo in this video.

Look at Jennifer 1 hour after delivering Kensly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pepperdine Lecturships Continued

Hi guys,

Well, singing and lectures have been amazing again. We took a hike today as well, hiked over 4 miles up onto this mountain that over looked the ocean and LA/long beach and Santa Monica. There were a ton of houses built on the side of the cliffs and it was cool to see. Some had pools that seemed on the edge of the cliff. pretty neat. Still continuing to get sun which is always nice. Its really great to come together with thousands of Christians and worship God. I took a few videos with Amanda's phone but will have to wait to get a card reader before i can publish them. Hope all is well, I still haven't heard of a baby but still wishing the best. Love you all!

Jay Weaver Jr.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pepperdine Lecturships

Hi family,

Just enjoying CA, you wouldn't believe the view here, its really incredible how they can build the buildings on such inhabitable land. Its gorgous at how the mountians nearly butt up to the ocean we got to go to the beach and lay in the sand. We attended 3 lectures so far skipped 2 for the beach and about to go to the singing and the main night lecture and then have dinner and then i think there is another lecture at night time. The theme is about the church in colossians I am going to try and post a video on here of our walk down to the baseball game that we sat though a few innings before singing. please disregard mine and ally's craziness. we were trying to annoy Amanda and maybe caused her to leave before she got to watch the game =) well, i found the video we took and we were missing about the last 7 minutes, i don't know why it didn't save, sorry for it being jerky we were walking down a big hill to the game, i might try and film some more while were here.