Monday, February 23, 2009

Updates from Mom & Dad

I just realized I have not posted in FOREVER! Bad mom!
Jay & Amanda, I love the bug. It is adorable. It fits the two of you perfectly!
Body by Mark...well I am feeling stronger and more energetic than I have in a long time. Once I got past session 4 I have loved it and even talked Mark into taking on dad and I for the same price...2 for 1 is not too bad. Then I had to convince dad it was a good idea. He was a much tougher sell. I ended up promising to give up eating out to pay for working out. Quite a sacrifice for me...I love to eat out! After dad's first work out, he too thought he would die. I have to tell you that made me feel much better..I wasn't the only weinie dog in the family :) He did complain much more than I did though! When he went back to see Mark the next time, he convinced Mark to go easy on really was quite funny...Mark and I gave him a really hard time. Dad is always trying to tell him how to improve his business and workouts...Mark is very patient.
Jennifer brought us a wonderful protein shake mix...I just love it. We have one after every workout. We are also trying to get cardio in every other day. We do pretty well.
Scott has been staying with us for the past two weeks, but is going back to his mistress tonight (Travis Greer) This is according to Natasha who says they spend more time together than she and Travis during tax season.
I am off call for a few days...still working each day not really off. Went out of town for Saturday night. We had fun, went to church and met a precious woman, Jean. I want to be just like her when I grow up! She is 76 years old, energetic, spunky, quick witted, beautiful and very kind. She took us to the highest point in GA...against our will. We told her we would go the next time we were in the area...she said she was 76 and she might not be around then, so we were going today...Yes, Miss Jean we are right behind you...could say no to that!
Love you all!

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