Sunday, January 18, 2009

Body by Mark

For Christmas dad bought me 10 sessions with a personal trainer at my request. ( that part is important) I have no dreams of being a supermodel, but healthy is my goal. I am out of shape and seem to have a hard time getting motivated to move. I have the slug syndrome. So Friday was my first session. I arrived at Mark's house at 8am...he lives in the neighborhood, how convenient...his living room is set up like a gym with a huge of workout station. We spend 30 seconds on my goals and he puts me to work...I'm thinking he not really interested in my goals, he has a plan. Two minutes into the workout I am wondering why I asked for this. Maybe being a slug is not such a bad way to spend your life. He keeps asking throughout the workout if I was ok? I lied and said yes. He's a nice guy...pushes a bit and keeps me on track. He cranked up the music and we worked...let me rephrase...I worked my buns off. I get in the car with my muscles totally fatigued. Pushing in the clutch was difficult. I go home walk up the stairs...ha that was interesting.
Saturday I thought I had never experienced such pain from a workout. I was sore all over. I had taken arnica, rubbed down with arnica, took a bath in baking soda and salt and tried to stay active. When I sat down and tried to get up I paid for it. I planned my trips up stairs. I decided dad and Mark must have gotten their wires crossed and he signed me up for the torture session instead of the get healthy session. Interesting thing in all this, my hip is not hurting for the first time in weeks. He stretched me out pretty good. I didn't know my knees could still touch my ears.
My next session is Tuesday. I figure he schedules it that way so that you have forgotten the pain and you are able to walk into his torture chamber by then. Funny thing is we didn't do anything that I hadn't done before. All the forms of torture were familiar to me.
Better go for now...I think I am hearing frozen rain outside...need to go check.
Mom Linda

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  1. I laughed so hard at this! I wonder if Mark realizes you need to be able to walk after working out! I hope all is well with you all, miss and love you!