Friday, December 19, 2008


Went for my third session yesterday. Cassandra decided I needed some stress work...imagine, me I rolled over for her to work with my back. I am thinking, she will place a few needles and I will drift off to sleep and get some much needed rest. (I have been having some hip pain and when I get tense, I have been having shoulder pain.) we go...the first needle goes into my buttocks, not so bad, then she places the second must have been 5 inches long...I swear it hit my sciatica...I thinking... this is not cool or relaxing. She proceeded to place 20 more needles...mostly painlessly until she got to my shoulder...she said (in her very sweet calm voice) you are very tight. Then wam! I am feeling pain in my neck from the needle she placed in my shoulder. So I let her know and she says (in her very calm voice) have a lot of stagnant chi and blood in this shoulder. I am thinking, yes and pain also. She says (in her very calm voice) all that heaviness is normal, we are moving chi around. Ok at this point I am thinking...let the chi be!...this is not what I was expecting. She gives me a space blanket and says she will be checking on me later. You know at this point you are laying face down on a table with just your undies and 25 needles in you back and aren't going anywhere! True to her word she comes back and rescues me in about 30 minutes and lets me get dressed and comes back to tell me if I am going to get the desired results, I need to subject myself to the torture chamber every week for a few weeks, after that we can drop back to every 2 weeks. She says (in her very calm voice) your body will be craving it every week, but we will spread it out. I am a bit skeptical! She also let me know that because of all the soft tissue work that we did, I will have very sore muscles just like a strenuous workout...well she got that on right! I feel like I have been to the gym with none of the pleasure. To top it all off, she suggested I cancel my massage today...I don't know...that is really pushing it. I have been looking forward to that massage all week. Just in case you are wondering, the hip and shoulder pain are gone...wooohooo! and I am grateful.

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