Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Fipps

All is going well in the Fipps womb. There is lots of movement and Corey says "are you doing high knees or vertical setting? and if you are, make sure your wrists are together." to the baby all the time. :) i keep telling him it's a girl so no need to be doing football drills. but activity is good. so we are happy for that. we tried to listen to the heartbeat with the fetalscope mom let us use. but all he could hear was stomach noises. so we will need to work on that and we really couldn't remember which end went on the tummy. lol. oh well, we will figure all this out in time.
Of course, everyone i talk to wonders which Dr. i'm going to and what the gender is and all that good stuff. so i explain what we are doing, which we really don't know yet, and why we are waiting until the beginning of Feb. to do any blood work or anything. However, i did find out that if i go to the health dept here in town, b/c we have no insurance, I might be able to get some stuff for very cheap. we will see. I am really against doing anything until there is something that can be done if there are any abnormal findings. at this point there is nothing that could be done except worry. and everyone knows i dont need anymore stress these days. ok before i start on a negative rant I will just say goodbye! love and miss everyone!

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