Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday evening service

I had to work really hard to stay focused at services last night. David disappeared 3 songs before the sermon...I thought oh he forgot something, dad thought his phone must have rang. The song leader gets ready to lead the last song and makes some comment about after this song we will have the lesson, if the preacher returns...we all sing very slowly...Charles gets up and goes over to Amber, whispers in her ear...she shakes her head, saying no he's fine, no need to check on him...I'm thinking...he is up to something. He is going to have some grand entrance as an illustration or something. Well, as the song ends, David walks in with a tissue hanging out of his nostril...I am thinking...he is mocking James Goodman, who has just had a terrible time with nose bleeds, ...David this really isn't cool!... he gets up and explains that he has just had a bad nosebleed and couldn't get it stopped...proceeded to teach his lesson, although a bit shortened. He did a great job although a bit nasally..made all his points. Very impressive...the show must go on.

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