Sunday, December 14, 2008

things around thanksgiving

This is Kara, Ezekiel, and Adam posing for a picture after zeeks bath

This is Zeek playing like he is asleep, i think so the girls would quit bothering him.

This is us going to the loomis day before thanksgiving parade. zeek loved it until they fake police shot a rubber chicken, then he wanted nothign to do with the parade.

This is Amanda, Carlene, and Kara holding up their ornaments that they represent. Just thought i'd make you laugh while Amanda is still sleeping


  1. love the year you will have to put a float in the parade with Zeke as the studio mascot. He is so photogenic.

  2. Looks like the girls really love decorating the Christmas tree. Maybe they can come and decorate ours.

  3. Ok well that's what I get for letting Jay use log-me-in on my work computer! I can't believe he put that picture on there! Haha but we did have fun!

    And I agree, we really should put him in the parade, he loves them! Except we would have to make sure he's far away from the chicken shooting police!

  4. I probably wouldn't be too happy being around the chicken shooting police either. :)